About us

At Thiaper Systems we leverage process mining  technology to storify and quantify the end-to-end  processes in your systems. Our solution – ThiaperProcess – goes beyond categorizing, forecasting or analyzing data,  to turning your processes into insights. We look for bottlenecks, delays and deviations from the expected, to point out where things go wrong or could do better.   

We care about understanding flow. So that you can become aware of the choices you have to improve, and make a decision.

Thiaper Systems SRL is a Bucharest based company. We kicked off the development of ThiaperProcess in April 2019, with funding from Data Pitch Innovation programme, in collaboration with the largest private  healthcare provider in Portugal. 

The solution is domain independent. Applicable in any domain where flows of business processes are of interest (logistics, banking, retail, IT service management, and more).