B2C partnership

B2C partnering works like this:

  1. You identify who in their organization should be involved in the study. Once discovery algorithms produce the first versions of a process map from the logs of interest, it is often imperative that in-house domain knowledge is brought to the table to understand whether the process flow deviations identified automatically are a result of a normal modus operandi of the system, or an indication of malfunctioning / improvable systemic behavior.
  2. We kick-off a proof-of-concept project.
  3. You bring in-house domain expertise to analyze the output of the process discovery / conformance checking phases together with us. Together we identify the list of improvable inefficiencies.


Service Basic package Expert package

Data analytics dashboard: basic statistics about your dataset

Process discovery

Pathways through the process map

Quantification of performance indicators for identified pathways (frequencies, time delays)

Conformance checking

Semantic layer: automatic clustering of process behavior into unusual / disruptive / regular

Coming soon

Results analysis: collaboration with your  in-house domain expert to pinpoint locations in the process flow where further investigations could bring improvements into your system.

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