CUF – the largest private health care operator in Portugal

“We have been working in close collaboration with Thiaper Systems since April 2019 towards the development of their process mining product (ThiaperProcess).

CUF logoThiaperProcess has shown an outstanding potential in providing data-wise statistics / clustering and forecasting algorithms, leading to an actual understanding of the stories concerning the patient/doctor flow in-between hospitals and wards (transfers, referrals, readmissions and allocation of personnel).

ThiaperProcess can be a valuable asset for highlighting macro performance indicators such as end-to-end time delays and frequencies of specific clinical pathways, pinpointing both outliers and mismatches between our expectations and the actual modus operandi of our processes.  In particular, ThiaperProcess’s results have proven to be remarkably promising in areas concerning maternity care and surgical referrals.

Based on the process maps generated by ThiaperProcess, we will be able to qualitatively compare the journeys that groups of patients with specific characteristics undergo.

We also greatly value Thiaper Systems’ responsiveness to all the questions and issues we raised during this development process.”